At VLCS we carry several sizes of both fiber and foam expansion as well as zip strip and steel crack control.

Expansion Fiber

Fiber Expansion Control Joint is suitable for use with expansion joints in a wide variety of concrete construction projects.

  • Roadways
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Warehouse flooring
  • Parking lots
  • Curbs
  • And many more

Fiber Expansion Control Joint Filler uses a proprietary process that thoroughly mixes wood fibers in an asphalt binder, then forms the fibers into a rigid board. The result is an economical, environmentally safe compressible material that’s stronger yet easier to handle than other joint filler compounds. VLCS has many sizes available including 3 ½, 4, 5, 6, 8″ in stock every day.

  • Meets or exceeds AASHTO and ASTM specifications.
  • Resists breakage, cuts clean, and is easily held in position during concrete pouring
  • Resists water infiltration
  • Withstands freeze/thaw cycles

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3 1/2 to 6" bundled in 100 lf, 8" bundled in 50 lf

Expansion Foam

Foamtech expansion joint is closed cell polyethylene foam that can be used in all standard residential, commercial, and industrial concrete construction applications. Foamtech expansion is a light weight, flexible, yet durable expansion joint material that will not rot. Stock sizes are ½ x3 ½, 4, 5 ½, 6, 8″ with others available by special order. All sizes come with a ½” tear off strip for caulking.
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½ x3 ½, 4, 5 ½, 6, 8" x 50 lf

Steel Control

Steel control joint is a great way to ensure that concrete cracks where you want it to. Made from galvanized steel, this product creates a controlled point of weakness for concrete slabs. It creates a clean, straight joint while saving time and expense of having to return to saw cut joints. Steel control joint comes in 10′ lengths and is easily cut with snips to the desired length, depths available are      1½”, 2″, 3″, 4″.

1½", 2", 3", 4" x 10 ft


The original ZipStrip control joint is a rigid polystyrene extrusion that creates a straight line, controlled crack on the surface of all on grade slabs. ZipStrip eliminates random cracking in all variations and thicknesses of slabs where a control joint is required. ZipStrip is the economic alternative to saw cutting to create similar straight line surface joints.
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