Vapor Barriers

Stego Wrap
Stego Wrap is a “new generation” product extruded from prime virgin resins and additives on a first melt basis. Stego Industries does not use low-grade resins, recycled or reground materials, cross-lamination, layers of scrim or fabric backing. Virgin plastic molecules in Stego Wrap “cross-link” to provide a homogenous membrane with the same permeability and puncture resistance throughout the web of the film.

Stocked in either 10 mil or 15 mil. Stego Wrap meets ASTM E 1745 Class A
Stego 10A (20 rolls per pallet) 14-0 x 210-0 = 2,940 sf
Stego 15A (20 rolls per pallet) 14-0 x 140-0 = 1,960 sf

VLCS stocks the sizes listed below in clear.
All visqueen meets ASTM D 4397.

Thickness Row Size Rolls/Skid Weight/Roll
2 Mill 8-4 x 200 96 15.9
20 x 200 35 38.2
4 Mill 6 x 100 104 11.4
20 x 100 35 38.2
28 x 100 28 53.6
32 x 100 28 61.2
6 Mill 20 x 100 30 57.4
28 x 100 24 80.4
32 x 100 24 91.9
8 Mill 20 x 100 20 76.5
10 Mill 20 x 100 12 95.7

Water Control

PVC waterstop comes in 4″ and 6″ heights, both sizes come in lengths of 50′. Center bulb is in stock everyday for additional sizes and configurations see the chart below.

Waterstop-RX is a flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop that provides a positive seal by expanding upon contact with water. Waterstop-RX is an active waterstop that functionally replaces conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstops. Waterstop-RX is designed for both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions and has been successfully tested to resist 231 feet (70 m) of hydrostatic pressure.

The key to the effectiveness of Waterstop-RX is its 75% sodium bentonite content that provides superior expansion to seal cracks and fill small voids. Proven effective on projects worldwide for over 20 years, Waterstop-RX is a reliable and cost-effective solution to preventing water infiltration through concrete joints. RX is packaged in boxes containing 6 rolls 20′ long, 120′ per box. Primer and adhesive are also in stock at VLCS.

PVC waterstop, ribbed center bulb
PVC waterstop, ribbed center bulb
RX-waterstop (Sodium Bentonite)

Space Age Reflective Blankets – Closed Cell: Closed Cell in our Space Age™ program. This blanket now enhances the  R value of reflective blankets by adding a second layer of aluminum (tests were performed by an independent testing lab with 3″ air space).

Silver side face down to reflect the concretes heat from hydration for increased curing.
R Value of 5.11 curing blankets, 6-0 x 25-0 with grommets.