Drain Tile

VLCS stocks a complete line of 4″ drain tile for various soil conditions and applications. We have the fittings necessary and in stock to complete your drain tile project. We offer lengths of 100′ or 150′, along with-T’s, Y’s, elbows, couplers, caps, down spout adapters, pop-up drains and sump pump crocks. We stock solid, perforated, sock and sand tile. We also stock “Poly Cap”, a yellow tile used as a fence cap for outfield fence on baseball and softball athletic fields to prevent injury.

Picture of 18"X24" sump crock, "T", "Y", internal coupler, down spout adapter, end cap, and 90 degree elbow.
4" Solid drain tile 150' roll
4" Perforated drain tile 150' roll
4" Sand tile (pin hole) 150' roll
Perforated drain tile with sock 150' roll


VLCS stocks both NDS and Tuf-Tite drains. We have 9”, 11” and 12” square drains, as well as 4”x3’0” trench drains in stock.

3' section of Tuf-Tite trench drain, sections join together by tounge and groove
9" and 12" NDS sump drains with grate and universal adaptes
Tuf-Tite sump drain


VLCS also offers 4″ and 6″ PVC schedule 40, SDR 35, and 4″ sewer & drain pipe with various fittings for each, to provide convenience when you pick up materials for your drainage needs.

All pipe available in 10 foot lengths with belled end