Concrete reinforcing is what started VLCS and continues to be the strength of the company. We have the inventory and fabrication equipment to handle any size job. VLCS supplies you with all the reinforcing products and accessories to meet the job specifications, and the knowledge to help make your project a success.  Click on the links below for more information.

Reinforcing Steel

Van Laan Construction Supply keeps one of the largest stocks of reinforcing steel in Western Michigan. Combined with our high capacity shearline, series of bending machines and experienced fabricators, VLCS is sure to be able to fulfill your requirements with a high degree of accuracy.

Rebar Size Diameter in Inches Weight per Foot Lineal Feet per Ton Pieces per Ton 20' Pieces per Bundle Lineal Feet per Bundle
#3 0.375 0.376 5,320 266 300 6,000
#4 0.500 0.668 3,000 150 150/300 3,000/6,000
#5 0.625 1.043 1,920 96 96/192 1,920/3,840
#6 0.750 1.502 1,340 67 128 2,560
#7 0.875 2.044 980 49 98 1,960
#8 1.000 2.670 740 37 77 1,540
#9 1.125 3,400 580 29 60 1,200
#10 1.270 4.303 460 23 72 1,440
#11 1.410 5.313 380 19 42 840

Engineered Wire

Structural engineered mats supplied by VLCS offer an alternative to hand tying large grids of reinforcing steel, thus saving the contractor time and money.

Mats are specifically designed for each project to meet or exceed project specifications. VLCS would be happy to work with you on your next project to determine if engineered mats would be a good option for you.

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Dowel Bar Substitutes and Couplers

VLCS is proud to offer the full line of BarSplice Products, Inc. items. When it comes to your Dowel Bar Substitutes and Mechanical Coupler needs, BarSplice Products, Inc. offers a broad range of engineered mechanical splice systems. All the products offered are designed for the benefit of the reinforced concrete construction industry. By means of market leadership, sales expertise and worldwide distribution, they consistently provide customer-focused solutions that provide the highest quality results and cost-effective installations.

Barsplicer Brochure
Barsplicer Data Sheet
Zap Data Sheet
Zap LEED Sheet